Sanity Notes #029- Depression as data

Sanity Notes #029- Depression as data

Anxiety, depression, and anger come for us all. Consider looking at the experience as an indication of what is missing.

Matt Munson
2 min readFeb 16, 2024


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I tell CEO clients daily their work begins with caring for themselves. If the job is to bring clarity, care, and resources to the whole team of others, a leader must begin by resourcing herself.

This sentiment is true for leaders and non-leaders alike.

We are all designed to provide love, guidance, and care for our fellow humans. This wiring is how we have evolved as a species. We reach beyond ourselves through our collaboration with one another. This collaboration is rooted in care for one another.

But when we are exhausted and unresourced, our attention turns inward.

For me, this often shows up as one of the following:

  • Anger (resistance toward the needs of others)
  • Depression (sometimes referred to as “anger-turned-inward”)
  • Anxiety (usually unspoken or unidentified fear)

For most of us, when we are underwater, we appear to others as fearful, angry, or selfish. Some part of us, often our subconscious, needs it known that we need care.

If you find yourself at some point this week feeling tapped on helping others, take a moment to take account.

If you find yourself mired in depression or anxiety, consider looking through this lens:

What is my depression or anxiety telling me I am needing today? If I trust the experience as data, what can I head toward providing for myself?

Maybe it is some time alone, journaling, a long walk, or a coffee with a friend.

These questions are not selfish; they are essential for us as humans. Especially those of us who make a living leading or caring for others.

Some afflictions are more serious and best served by a psychologist or psychiatrist. If those resources are helpful to you, please go for it! But many of us skip to assuming something deeper is wrong without checking where we miss the boat on caring for ourselves.

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Wherever you find yourself on your journey today, sending a big hug your way from my desk in LA.


Looking for some support? If now is the time to consider coaching (or a CEO peer circle) reach out here.



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