The power of belonging

Sanity Notes #022- The power of belonging

The desire to belong drives much of our behavior as humans. How might awareness of that drive inform your approach as a leader?

Matt Munson
2 min readOct 22, 2023


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One of the deepest human drives is the desire to belong.

Belonging is what kept us safe in our millennia of tribal living. To belong was to be safe from the elements, to be protected from threats, to be fed, and to be given shelter and warmth.

Many of the issues I witness CEOs navigate in my coaching work stem from this desire to belong: their own desire and that of their team members.

When a leader is uncertain of her place, bringing her full strength and creativity to the effort is impossible. When a team member is unclear about their role, uncertain of their value, or unsure of where they fit in, they are unable to contribute fully. Challenges arise.

Belonging begins with being clear on our place: the space that is ours to occupy, the work that is ours to do, the role that is ours to play.

In my own work as a coach, I find it grounding to remind myself of my path, my place, and the role that I have come to understand as mine.

What about you?

Where might you find more solid ground today by reminding yourself of the space that is yours to occupy and the work that is yours to do?

What is the role that is uniquely yours in this great drama called life?

Whether in your family, friendships, or organization, it is crucial to understand and cherish the place you believe is yours to occupy.

As a leader or manager, it may be helpful today to view situations, and the ways you experience others showing up, through the lens of belonging.

Remember, those you lead desire their place to occupy. They long to feel valued. They want to understand the significance of their role. They yearn to see how their work contributes to the greater whole. They want to feel safe.

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Looking for some support? If now is the time to consider coaching (or a CEO peer circle) reach out here.



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