Fear is the wrong fuel for entrepreneurs

Looking back at my early time as a founder, fear fueled 80% of my actions. Now I am determined to help others avoid that fate.

Fear is the wrong fuel for entrepreneurs

What if I do change?

In a recent coaching session, I watched with curiosity as equal parts worry and wonder seemed to wash over the face of the CEO sitting in front of me.

Do you really want to run on fear?

Many of us ambitious, type-A founder types have succeeded by running on fear.

Taking a look at the quality of our fuel

Fear is a costly source of fuel.

What is the alternative?

Fear can, however, be a powerful ally. It becomes powerful when we take it out of the subconscious, out of the background, and bring it into the foreground.

There is an alternate source.

The antidote to fear is love.

You are not alone

This is not an overnight change. And it does not have to be. Even the beginning of change can have a profound effect on the present.



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Matt Munson

CEO coach @ sanitylabs.co. Angel investor. Startup founder. Committed to helping leaders feel less alone in the journey.