Asking for help is a superpower

Asking for help is a superpower

The weight many leaders carry

My mother recently sent me an article about an elk who lived for two years with a tire around his neck. He lived in the wild, going about all the things he needed to do to survive, held back by a heavy black tire snug around his neck.

It does not have to be this way

Turning back to my own time as CEO, I can see that my self-flagellation was a subconscious attempt to punish myself for the ways I felt I was letting others down. The irony is the hours or days I spent wrapped in those stories kept me from being present, and helpful, to the people I most wanted to do right by.

The way of leading that is waiting for us all

With the support of my coach, therapist, and a few close friends whom I began choosing to let into what was really going on for me, I began a multi-year exploration of what this new way might look like for me.

The old way just does not work anymore

The old way, the way of being our own harshest critic and most grueling task-master may have worked in the past. It may have guaranteed straight A’s in school. But this is not school. This is leadership. This is organization building. This is the bringing together, inspiring, and caring for a collection of human beings: a group gathered together to achieve a shared mission.

You are not alone

If these experiences resonate for you, fret not. You do not have to walk alone.

An invitation

If you are experiencing in your own journey a sense that what got you here will not get you where you need to go, welcome!



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Matt Munson

Matt Munson

CEO coach @ Angel investor. Startup founder. Committed to helping leaders feel less alone in the journey.